Lioness & Me

Hey people! Hope all is well. This post is going to be the reason behind my blog name – The Lioness Kingdom.

Once I decided to start my blog, the very first thought popped up was my blog name. I was thinking to name my blog which resembles my character and my world. There were lot of names running in my mind and I ended up with “The Lioness Kingdom”.

The word lioness has highly positive connotations: power, loyal, beauty, brave, fierce, strong, independent, graceful, strength, agile, protective and so on. These connotations suits my character pretty well and since it compromised me on my name hunt, I decided to go with it. And that is how my blog “The Lioness Kingdom” has born. Fairly simple and just a quick decision, isn’t it??πŸ˜€

As I mentioned in my first blog post, this is my kingdom where I will write whatever comes to my mind. So please bear with me.

Wait wait wait, why only writing?? I have a sketch too πŸ˜€

I sketched her using Faber castell pencil shades 3B, 5B and 6B. Hope you guys like it. Sharing is caring. So please share your comments.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a fantastic day ahead 😊

Love and Music to all ❀


The story of Molu and Chotu

The bunnies Molu and Chotu are best friends and happily living in a forest with their families. They meet everyday playing, singing, eating their favourite carrots. One fine day, they came to know about the covid and realised that it would be controlled only through social distancing. Chotu was so upset because they couldn’t play like before.  But Molu comforted Chotu that everything will be alright soon, only if we follow social distancing.

These bunnies have become responsible and started social distancing, so why not we?

Pease follow social distancing, wear mask, wash your hands, stay safe. We don’t wanna take it for a long.

It is a quick pencil sketch which just took 15 minutes to draw,Β but the message is important and I really wanted to share it with you all.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day 😊

Love and Music to all ❀


Life Partner!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and safe.

A question was running in my mind throughout the day and I thought to share it with you all. And yes the question is “Whom do you think as your life partner?”

Mom? Dad? Husband? Wife? Friend? Sibling? Son? Daughter?

They are not at all your life partner. Your real life partner is your body.

You and your body stay together from birth till death. The more you care for your body, the more your body will care for you. Yes, if you treat your body with so much affection, your body would definitely treat you back with same affection. Our body is the only permanent address where we live.

What you eat, what you do for being fit, how much rest you give to it, how well you are handling the stress, everything matters. Your body is your asset which no one else can share. And remember it is your responsibility to maintain your body well. Because it is your real life partner and permanent tooπŸ˜‰

So be fit, take care of yourself, rest well, eat healthy, stay happy, keep it relaxed, do lot of exercise, yoga and other good stuff to your body.

Please remember, no one can help your body other than you.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

Love and Music to all ❀


DIY – Origami

Origami of Hearts πŸ’•

Made this origami of hearts last week for my fellow teammates 😊

Create happiness and laughter, spread positivity and love, stay strong and safe. We together can send away this COVID19 very soon.

Love and Music to all ❀


Mehandi time

It’s been ages since I’ve applied mehandi on my hands. Mehandi is truly the essence of Indian culture. I always used to apply the Mehandi which is readily available in the market. I have never ever taken the step of preparing traditional method of mehandi by myself. Today I have taken the step forward and prepared the mehandi from fresh henna leaves. And you know what, nothing beats the fresh aroma and the colour of freshly made mehandi paste. The aroma really has some magical element to it. It is soooo soothing. Still I couldn’t get out of the aromatic smell.

To experience the aroma, I have given the steps below to make your own mehandi at home.


1. Get some fresh henna leaves

2. Wash the leaves thoroughly with clean water

3. Add the washed leaves and little bit of tamarind (optional) in to a mixer jar

4. Grind them into a paste with little water

Taadaaaa.. It’s ready!!!!

So simple and easy to make, but it has lot of health benefits indeed.

Check out my end result below πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ (Though I’ve held it stay on my hands just for 3 hours, it gave me a good color. I am super happy)

Thanks for reading my blog and have a fantastic day!!

Love and Music to all ❀


Life is a celebration!!!

When we ask people about their happiest moment, everybody’s answer would be like “at my friends birthday party”, “at my cousin’s wedding”, “at family get-together”, “during my vacation”, etc., etc., etc.. But no one would say “the moment right now”.

Are we not celebrating each and every moment of our life? It’s really sad to accept that we are not.

I have started following the below steps just to enrich my life and to make better out of me.

Believe me, it really works!!

1. Do what you love – people say this often. I would say love what you do. Instead of stressing out with “I am not doing what I love”, try to love everything of yours and be happy for who you are. This will boost you up and take you to the place you actually deserve.

2. Avoid negativity and negative persons from your life – this is the main thing which we should do at top priority. Because negative people will drive us into the world of negativity which is completely a bullshit. There is nothing called “you can’t”. Everybody were born with equal talents. So stop thinking negative and start exploring your talents. Most importantly believe in you at all times.

3. Appreciate your small small things – this will sure make you feel high. Appreciating ourself will increase our self confidence and push us to learn many things. Self appreciation is the real happiness.

4. Make someone happy – the rule of nature is whatever you give to others, the same will come back to you. So try to make someone happy and I am sure that will bring you lots and lots of happiness.

5. Develop your skills – being routine will not give any sort of happiness. Your life will get bored. Try to develop your skills until you’re mastered in it and try to learn new things as well. Knowledge is wide. Listen, observe and learn everything.

This life is so precious. Avoid being so grumpy, angry bird, egoist and start to celebrate each and every second of your life. There is always a good in bad. Try to pick up the good things and move on. Life is all about happiness. Let’s spread the happiness and positivity all over this world ☺

Thanks for reading my blog and have a fantabulous day!

Love and Music to all ❀


A Hundred Little Flames – by Preeti Shenoy

This is an unprecedented situation we are finding ourselves in and I hope everyone is faring well during this ever-evolving time. Well, as we are quarantined, I’ve got ample time in my hands and I have been utilizing this time to improve my skills.

Meanwhile, I thought to share you the book which I have just completed reading. It is a fiction novel by one of my favourite Indian author Preeti Shenoy. “A Hundred Little Flames” – the title itself fascinating me a lot.

The author plays around expertly with modern relationships and the contrast with the older generation. I love the way she narrates the story and the details she has described about Kerala and Pondicherry was remarkable. This book explains the situation of the elderly people, family bond, friendship, the old generation love and their emotions and how they vary from current generation.

The story revolves around Ayan, a twenty six year old young man and Gopal Shanker, his old grandfather. How Ayan’s life has changed after he visited his grandfather in the village in Kerala is a heart-wrenching read and a ride of emotions.

Share your thoughts if you have read this book.

Thanks for reading my blog and stay safe.

Love and Music to all ❀


Welcome to my kingdom!!

Here we go my first blog post!!!

Hey, I am Ramya, a fashion designer by education, an artist by passion and an analyst by profession. Ohhh, a lot!!! Juggling with so many stuff, isn’t it??  So what I am going to write here??? About fashion? About paintings? About people? About love? About movies? About books? About relationship? Ufff, I had all these questions running in my mind when I thought of writing my own blog. And finally I have decided to write everything. Yes, I am going to write everything I am dealing with my day to day life. It could be an entertaining, educating, motivating, interesting, cheering post or just a sharing post.

So what would be my next topic?? Will blog it soon..  Until then, thanks for reading my blog and have a fantastic day  😊

Love and music to all ❀